Winter Olympic Memories

Once every four years I spend two weeks doing something I never normally do ... I turn into a couch potato! I can't seem to get enough of the Winter Olympic Games, finding myself glued to the tube every night now for the evening's broadcast of skiing, skating, snowboarding and whatever emotional clips and babble the hosts present.

This year a number of the alpine ski events are based in Whistler, British Columbia. Watching them brings back memories of my ski trip to Whistler-Blackcomb several years ago, and my visit to the 2002 Winter Games in Park City, Utah (undeniably, one of the most fun and memorable weeks of my life).

I had visions of attending these Winter Games in Canada, hoping to repeat that magical time, but alas ... the cost was prohibitive. Thus, I sit nightly with my mug of hot chocolate, wishing I were there and planning my next ski trip. This photo is me at Whistler - pretty incredible view, huh?