RV Roadtrip 2010: Phoenix to Yosemite

The GetawayGirls, Marcia and sister Val, head out from Phoenix on Saturday with Val's boyfriend Brian at the wheel of the 32-foot Winnebago. This will be a one-week road trip, accompanied by friends John and Sandy in their own home on wheels. We'll be visiting both Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks in Central California, and I hope to be posting nearly every day with a few photos and a video.

Saturday we travel 423 miles, stopping at a forelorn intersection off Highway 40 in the middle of the Mojave Desert to overnight in what appears to be an abandoned gas station parking lot. Next door is an antique shop with a bunch of old junk like vintage gas pumps, a rusty windmill and an old Texaco sign (see photo). On the other side of us is the Astro Burger. We hunker down inside our cozy RV and play cards, then continue on early the next morning.

On Sunday, we continue through the desert and into the Central Valley of California, where agriculture is king. All morning we drive past nothing but vineyards and orchards of walnut, almond and peach trees and vast expanses of cattle ranches. Finally we reach Fresno, where we head north into Yosemite country. Presto chango! The rolling landscape turns lush with pine forests and shimmering lakes and we feel a change in the air.

Yes, it's raining and chilly as we pull into our campground in Oakhurst and set up camp. But soon the sun comes out and we take a drive to Bass Lake, just 9 miles away (see photo). I am enjoying the cool brisk mountain air and looking forward to our first day at Yosemite tomorrow. Don't miss hot, humid Tampa one bit!