Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Anna Maria Sunsets Rock

Whenever I go to Anna Maria Island (off Bradenton  north of Sarasota), the sunsets just blow me away. The beaches are pretty sensational, too, with beautiful white sand, clear blue water and lots of laid-back dives to hangout in. This is the weekend beach getaway for the middle class, although you can find a couple of luxury condos here and there. By and large, it's a beer and margarita kinda island with Three Dog Night cover bands and pizza by the slice. So what's not to like? Go to annamariaislandchamber.org to scope it out.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Life's a (Clean) Beach

On June 26, thousands of local residents (including the Getaway Girl) and business owners flocked to beach locations around Florida  to form a human hand-holding line on the shore in "Hands Across the Sand." Beachgoers united in a stand against opening off-shore drilling along the coast of Florida. Right now  the beaches of Florida's panhandle are suffering from tar balls and oiled birds washing ashore from the Deepwater Horizon  oil well 200 miles off the coast of Louisiana. Why take the risk even closer to our state?

In case you're wondering, I have first-hand knowledge that the beaches of Clearwater/St. Pete Beach are still clean and as spectacular as ever. Check out these recent photos and come on down and play in my sandbox!