Arctic Exploration

My friend Rudy Scheffer is not only a world traveler and owner of Adventures Worldwide adventure travel company, but he is also a world-class photographer. Last summer he was lucky enough to be invited on an Arctic expedition to photograph polar bears.
Says Rudy:

My most memorable experiences were seeing my first polar bear and standing on the bow of the ship as it ran into a solid sheet of pack ice and came to a stop.
The ship had to back up and ram the ice again until it broke apart and we could
continue our journey. In the evening after dinner it was extremely interesting
interacting with 50 other passengers from 14 different nations, the Russian
crew, the Norwegian oncologist and a Danish geologist.

For a look at more of Rudy's photos and an overview of his trip, check out this page on the St. Pete Times web site:

To check out Rudy's web site, go to In 2010, he'll take you to the Arctic, to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, to Brazil's incredible Iguassu Falls or can arrange just about any wild trip you want to take.

Rudy will be giving a presentation on his Arctic adventure at the Suncoast Sierra Club meeting at 7 pm Jan. 21 at Mocassin Lake Park in Clearwater, FL.