Hikes and Waterfalls

We decided to hang around homebase in Oakhurst area today since we saw a good amount of Yosemite in the last two days. We found a beautiful 3-mile hiking trail just up the highway from our campground called Lewis Creek Trail and followed it through a deep pine forest and along the creek nearly the entire 3 miles. It was rushing with the runoff from the mountain snows and offered up some beautiful waterfalls over large boulders.

It seems everywhere you turn here, if there's a river or creek, there's a waterfall. The weather turned sunny finally so we enjoyed a bit of warmer temps in the 50s and 60s. Woo hoo! In the photo, we are crossing one of the hand-built log bridges along Lewis Creek Trail.
We finished up the day with our first cook-out .... finally... and a real campfire. Life is good! (If you can't see the video, go to my blog at www.getawaygirltravels.com)