This Place Rocks

Here in Sequoia National Park, things really rock! Boulders the size of a house are everywhere amidst the forest and rivers and waterfalls.

Today we hiked 2 miles to Moro Rock, a massive granite boulder that can be seen for miles. Once you climb the 400 or so chiseled steps to the top, you get one mind-blowing 360-degree view. This photo shows Val and me at the top of Moro Rock. From the top, we could see the Continental Divide and all the way to Kings Canyon National Park, just north of this park.
With the weather finally in the 80's in the valley, we are happy campers. But alas, we leave at 5 tomorrow morning for the trip back to Phoenix. With Brian at the wheel, we hope to make it back home by dark tomorrow. It's been a great trip and I have come to appreciate the RV style of travel. Thanks go to my hosts, Val and Brian, for letting me experience this awesome trip!